Not sure how to approach the topic of coaching with your daughter? Here are some great tips.

Looking for ways to talk to your partner about coaching? Click here to read how to overcome common hurdles and misconceptions.

Facts about coaching Learn what research says about coaching and mentoring for young people.

The Teen Years Explained (link to PDF)

Drugs: Shatter the Myth (link to PDF)

Mental Health of Adolescence (link to PDF)

The Developing Adolescent (link to PDF)

 Teen Mental and Emotional Problems (link to PDF)

Identifying Teen Mental Health Difficulties: A Guide for Parents (link to PDF)

Navigating Teen Dating Relationships (link to PDF)

Rosalind Wiseman– Author of Queen Bees and Wannabes. Her site is full of valuable information.

Rachel Simmons– Author of Odd Girl Out and The Curse of a Good Girl. Her site is full of valuable information.

Common Sense Media– A site that offers reviews and information on media and technology so parents and children can make informed choices.

Girl Zone– A relevant and fun website for girls.

Raising a Powerful Girl -Meaningful advice on raising a strong and confident daughter.

The LIfe Coach Path- Learn more about Life Coaching

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