Preteen and teen life coaching has huge benefits for parents as well! 

Exactly what are the benefits for parents? 

  • Improved communication and connection between you and your daughter, because she will have a more positive attitude.
  • You will glean a deeper insight into your daughter’s world and learn how support her.
  • Less worry!  Coaching promotes healthy decision making and lowers the likelihood of risky teen behavior.
  • Relief in knowing your daughter is confiding in a trained and trusted adult who will keep her on track and support her toward her greatest potential.
  • Additional parental support from someone who is skilled at having difficult conversations with your daughter about topics that may make you uncomfortable.
  • Knowing that as your daughter embraces her independence,  she is in a safe environment where she is being held accountable for her choices.
  • Assurance that you are helping your daughter become more responsible by providing her another venue to understand the impact her choices have on her future.