What is a Teen Life Coach?

Did you know that girls make some of their most critical decisions between the ages of 13-22? They decide what to share on social media, who to befriend, who to date, whether or not to have sex, drink alcohol, try drugs, study, cheat, go to college… The list goes on.

A teen’s journey is full of unique challenges which trigger overwhelming feelings of stress, insecurity, loneliness, and fear. While some teens face the ups and downs with strengths and resilience, others struggle.  Similarly, many parents feel ill equipped to handle the teen years. They may offer their daughters support and advice, but it goes unnoticed or it is met with defiance and rejection.   

I can help.


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Coaching provides guidance and insight and develops essential life skills. 

By building a strong, trusting relationship and using specific, effective coaching tools, I can help your daughter gain self-awareness and confidence. She will learn how to build and maintain healthy relationships, manage stress,  strengthen self-reliance, and develop resilience.  These skills are essential for meeting life’s challenges and becoming a happy, healthy, responsible individual.
 Read what the research says about life coaching and how it can support you on your journey of parenting.

Topics addressed in life coaching

-Self-acceptance and self-esteem
-Body image
-Social isolation
-Stress and pressure
-Setting and achieving goals
-Self-advocacy skills
-Effective study habits
-Academic pressure, performance, and results
-Communicating with parents and family
-Time management and personal organization
-Understanding and dealing with:Friendships
-Family challenges and changes
-Dating and relationships


If your daughter would like to have…

-Enhanced self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-respect
-Improved relationships with her parents and peers
-Stronger communication skills
-Clarity in setting goals
-Stronger work-ethic and higher grades
-A clearer understanding of the relationship between actions and consequences
-Less stress
-Greater confidence
-An ability to make healthy, self-empowering choices

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