Talking Tips- parent to parent

Are you having a hard time convincing your partner that your daughter would benefit from working with a life coach?

Here is a list of common hurdles and how to overcome them:

Hurdle: A teen life coach?!? C’mon. I don’t believe in that woo-woo business.

I’ve seen the confused faces myself. I understand that not everyone believes in the value of a life-coach. After extensive research, I have complied some compelling truths you can share.  Click here.

Hurdle: We are great parents and doing enough to support our daughter!

It’s important to remind your partner (and yourself) that seeking help is not a sign of failure; it is an active demonstration of your love for your daughter!

Hurdle: Things are tough for all teens and she needs to tough it out!

If you think teens are meant to “tough it out,” think back to your own childhood. Would you have benefited from the support of someone outside your family? Would you have valued an adult that you could have confided in?   Remember your own “toughing it out” days and ask, how can you give your daughter more support than you had? How can you help her grow into a confident, secure, and self-aware young woman?

 Hurdle: This too shall pass. She’s just going through a phase.

Yes, you’re right. The teen years don’t last forever and just allowing the time to pass may have no detrimental effects.  But if you want to foster a resilient mindset in your child and teach her that within every challenge there is an opportunity for growth, coaching will provide her with the opportunity to examine her beliefs, tap into her strengths and values, and gain meaningful resources for handling the challenges of growing up.  In addition, coaching will prepare your teen to have more meaningful adult relationships and deeper understanding of people and the world around her.