Parents rave about Erica’s workshops…

We loved having Erica from Inspire Balance come to our NCL ticktocker meeting! She lead our group of eighth grade girls through several yoga exercises that focused on self discovery, team building and bonding. The girls had so much fun and were able to giggle and enjoy themselves. Too often speakers come to talk with the girls and they end up talking “at them” – Erica had the girls moving and involved. She kept them engaged throughout the event. It was a great way to bring our group of thirty girls together and have a wonderful, fun, non competitive activity. It was such a fun event! 

I have known Erica personally as well as professionally for over twenty years!  I have observed, first hand, all of Erica’s professional strengths and innate talents working with pre-teen and teen girls.  She recently led a session for my Girl Scout troop during a “Journey” workshop that was inspiring, empowering, insightful, & fun for the girls.  At the end of the day, I asked my troop what their favorite part of the workshop was and they unanimously agreed that Erica’s session was the highlight of the day.   We were doing really incredible sessions…so this really says something!  Erica has a charismatic energy that girls really connect with.  I highly recommend her classes and workshops!

The information Erica presented was extremely useful.  I liked the meditations because it forced me to quiet my mind and really think about how I want to parent my daughter. I also liked the simple and manageable tips that will be easy to implement.

Erica is an excellent presenter. The information she shared helped me gain a better understanding of how to keep the lines of communication open with my daughter.

Erica has been such a compassionate and empowering resource for our family in navigating this new and sometimes scary adventure parenting a teenage daughter in this fast paced, grow-up-way-too-fast, hyper-connected world!  Her positive insights and wisdom coupled with the supportive community of Moms sharing on the Parenting Mastermind calls (AND her private coaching relationship with our daughter) have proven to be of great value in creating a more mutually respectful and loving relationship.  It’s not always smooth sailing, but since working with Erica, I’ve gone from feeling like I’m always HOLDING my breath to actually breathing…and en-JOY-ing my relationship with my daughter again!

Moms rave about Mother-Daughter Yoga…

The series was a great opportunity to explore important themes related to my daughter’s social development in a warm, safe, guided environment. I highly recommend this powerful workshop!

I loved having the supportive, inspired, guided setting to bond with my daughter and observe her interacting with the other girls.

I liked the opportunity to be fully present with my daughter for that 90 minute period, no distractions just connecting with one another.  Erica is a wonderful teacher who understand girls and how to relate to them. Through the practice of yoga she is able to connect their mind and body and address topics that might otherwise be uncomfortable.

Girls rave about Mother Daughter Yoga… 

My favorite part of Mother-Daughter yoga was learning the yoga poses. My favorite was tree pose.  I would rate it a 10, because it was fun and I got to spend time with my friends and my mom!  I would definitely recommend it to a friend. They will love it and learn all kinds of fun things and yoga. It’s a fun way to spend some special time with your mom and learn how to relax with yoga. You also learn about how to be a good friend and take care of yourself too.

My favorite part of  Mother-Daughter Yoga was when we did Savasana and when we did the crafts. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate it a 10 because it helps me relax, and it makes me feel closer to my mom.  I would recommend yoga to a friend because Erica is such a good teacher and yoga makes you more flexible and you get to do a craft or a cooking project at the end.