Erica has been such a compassionate and empowering resource for our family in navigating this new and sometimes scary adventure parenting a teenage daughter in this fast paced, grow-up-way-too-fast, hyper-connected world!  Her positive insights and wisdom coupled with her private coaching relationship with our daughter have proven to be of great value in creating a more mutually respectful and loving relationship.  It’s not always smooth sailing, but since working with Erica, I’ve gone from feeling like I’m always HOLDING my breath to actually breathing…and en-JOY-ing my relationship with my daughter again! – K.D.


The Loving the Teen Years parent coaching program taught me a deeper way of listening to my children and  fostering their independence—I’ve learned  about the delicate balance between how and when to provide respectful support and how to observe and assess a situation without jumping to conclusions, or immediately offering solutions.  The course also taught me new ways to communicate.  For example, using the word respect.   Erica helped reinforce a belief system in my children that lets them gain more confidence and recognize their ability to find their own answers. -J.M.


When Erica began teaching her parenting class I was eager to enroll. This class made a huge impact on me and not only improved my relationship and communication with my daughter, but son as well. It was fascinating that by changing a few key words in my daily life, my relationships with my children continued to grow closer. The end result was that all of my relationships benefitted whether it was that with my spouse, extended family or friends.  We highly recommend Erica to any family with teens for one on one and/or her parenting coaching class. Erica has made a positive impact on our family that will stay with us forever. Thank you Erica! -C.D.