Parent Coaching

Adolescence can be tough- on your teen and on you. As independence beckons, your daughter might rebel, test the boundaries, and become argumentative and distant.  Many parents struggle with staying connected and maintaining a positive influence during this tumultuous time. An adolescent who is hard to understand, challenging to communicate with, or lacking in motivation can make it difficult for you to maintain a positive, calm connection.  However, stress and struggle do not have to be part of your parenting journey.


Get solutions

As a parent coach, I address your specific concerns, work with you in partnership, and provide support, insight, and valuable information related to raising your teen.  You will walk away with a fresh perspective, deeper understanding, and practical techniques that will lead to:

Fewer battles
Less frustration
Better communication
Greater respect and trust
More ease and enjoyment of parenting a teen

Take action

If arguments, frustration, fear, and worry are part of your parenting journey, it’s time for a new approach. Click here to schedule a free Discovery Session and get tools you can use right away.