Mother-Daughter Yoga

Moms, are you looking for a fun, new way to bond with your 8-12 year-old daughter?

Many parenting experts believe that open communication is critical during the teen years, so it makes sense to deepen and nourish those channels early.  Girls between the ages of 8-12 are very connected to their moms. They look to their moms for support, guidance, and love.  Mother Daughter Yoga workshops enhance the bond through the sharing of fun, kid friendly yoga, followed by open conversation, journaling, and a meaningful craft or cooking project.  Each class ties into a specific topic and seamlessly weaves in important information about issues like bullying, self-image, social media, and school stress. Empowered with information and support, girls will feel confident to make healthy decisions as teen years approach and independence beckons.

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Erica teaches four, six, and eight-week Mother-Daughter Yoga series at studios around San Diego. 

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Erica is also available for private Mother-Daughter Yoga group classes. Contact Erica for more information.