MDY Classes

Classes are 90-minutes and include creative yoga, guided conversation, and an inspiring artistic activity.  Each class is designed to inspire healthy choices and deepen self-awareness.

Mother-Daughter Yoga is a unique opportunity to learn, laugh, move, and have fun together!

Series Menu
All series and classes can be personalized.
Building Self Esteem Series

Class 1- Who I Am
Class 2- Body Image and the Media
Class 3- Healthy Choices
Class 4- Friends and Frenemies: What makes a good friend?
Class 5- Bullying: Whose responsibility is it?
Class 6- Technology and Social Media
Class 7- Dealing with School Stress
Class 8- Your Spirit: Yourself, your family, your community
Empowering Healthy Choices Series

Class 1- My Confidence: How I choose to see myself
Class 2- My Beauty: How I choose to let the media influence me
Class 3- Fuel for my Body: Food choices and the media
Class 4- My Thoughts, My Words, My Actions: Handling tricky situations
Class 5- My Actions, My Habits, My Character: Handling tricky situations
Class 6- Living my Dreams!
Highly Effective (Pre)Teens Series
(Based on the book, 7-Habits of Highly Effective Teens)

Class 1- Being proactive!
Class 2- Begin with the end in mind.
Class 3- Put first things first!
Class 4- Think Win-Win!
Class 5- Seeking understanding
Class 6- Synergize
Class 7- Sharpen the Saw
Class 8- Embody Effectiveness