Coaching helped me feel more confident in certain areas and have more motivation for the stepping stones in my life.  Erica helped me see that many situations are not as traumatic as they seem.  She made me very comfortable and used methods that were very helpful.  
-10th grade client

My Philosophy of Coaching

My philosophy of coaching understands that all girls are capable, unique, and full of possibility.  They seek to feel understood, accepted, and respected.  I believe that every girl deserves to feel confident, happy, and secure. Each has an ability to discover who they are and choose who they want to become.

As a preteen and teen life coach, I support girls on their journey of self-discovery and help them pave their way through adolescence. I honor, respect, and encourage their individuality.  I create meaningful, trusting connections and provide a safe, judgment-free environment that allows/empowers girls to uncover their core values, identify their unique strengths, and fulfill their personal dreams and goals.  Combining unwavering trust, love, and encouragement with information and insight, I help girls broaden their perspective, connect to their inner-guide, feel confident, energized, and directed, so they can make healthy choices that support their overall happiness and pave the way from where they are to where they want to be.

Is your daughter ready to experience:

-Enhanced self-esteem, self-awareness, and self-respect?
-Improved relationships with her parents and peers?
-Stronger communication skills?
-Clarity around  goals, future, and direction?
-Better grades and work-ethic?
-A deeper understanding between actions and consequences?
-Less stress?
-Greater confidence?
-An ability to see a bigger picture and make healthy, self-empowering choices?

Topics addressed in life coaching include and are not limited to:

-Self-acceptance and self-esteem
-Body image
-Social isolation
-Stress and pressure
-Setting and achieving goals
-Self-advocacy skills
-Effective study habits
-Academic pressure, performance, and results
-Communicating with parents and family
-Time management and personal organization
-Understanding and dealing with:Friendships
-Family challenges and changes
-Dating and relationships

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