Bridge Coaching Program


A unique summer coaching program for girls transitioning from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, or high school to college.

Change can be tough, especially changing schools. The thought of middle school can put an elementary school student into a frenzy! Fears and anxiety swirl as girls ask themselves: Who will be my friends? Will I know where to go on the first day? What will my teachers be like? How much homework will I have? Will I fit in? What about the 8th graders!!?!?

Girls moving from middle school to high school ask themselves similar questions but take it a step further because they know that with high school come parties, boyfriends, drugs, alcohol, and college preparation.

High school seniors might be eager to pack their bags for college but they have similar fears and insecurities. There are many challenges that come along with taking the first real step into independence- adjusting to being away from home, dealing with an intensely competitive environment, managing time, money, and daily tasks on their own, and of course, fitting in.

Whether your daughter is transitioning from elementary to middle school, middle school to high school, or high school to college, The Summer Bridge Coaching Program will provide her with a useful set of life-skills to navigate and thrive through the transition.

The Six-Session Coaching Program Covers:

Personal Wisdom

Discover strengths, values, and passions.

Inner Strength

Understand how to use values and mindset as a guide through the next stage in life.

Skills for Success

Strengthen communication, collaboration and self-advocacy skills.

Develop systems for time management and stress reduction

Taking Action

Prioritize what’s important and take action

The Bridge Program includes six one-on-one coaching sessions and one parent review session.
All sessions are one hour and take place via FaceTime, phone, or office.

Investment: $699

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