Erica Rood, M.A. Ed.

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Hello! I am Erica Rood, M.A. Ed., Teacher, Author, Speaker, and Certified Family, Parent, and Teen Life Coach. I founded Inspire Balance to share my mission for educating and empowering girls and their families to live happy, healthy lives.  My coaching is  unique because I combine my teaching skills with my life coach training to promote positive change through dynamic, engaging, and effective programs.

I believe that all girls are capable, unique, and full of possibility.  They seek to feel understood, accepted, and respected.  They deserve to feel confident, happy, and secure.  Each has an ability to discover who they are and choose who they want to become.

As a preteen and teen life coach, I support girls on their journey of self-discovery and help them pave their way through adolescence. I honor, respect, and encourage their individuality.  I create meaningful, trusting connections and provide a safe, judgment-free environment where girls can uncover their core values, identify their unique strengths, and fulfill their personal dreams and goals.  Combining unwavering trust, love, and encouragement with information and insight, I help girls broaden their perspective, connect to their inner-guide, feel confident, energized, and directed, so they can make healthy choices that support their overall happiness and pave the way from where they are to where they want to be.

 I believe parents play a key role during the teen years. Their presence and involvement are essential to the development of healthy, happy, responsible teens.  However, parenting teens is not easy! Many parents struggle with staying connected and maintaining a positive influence during this tumultuous time.

As a parent coach, I support parents by providing an outside perspective, realistic solutions, and new practices that lead to fewer battles, less frustration, better communication, deeper respect and trust.  Ultimately, creating more ease and enjoyment of parenting.


Credentials and Qualifications

-Over 15 years of coaching and teaching experience
-Certified Family Coach through Academy for Family Coach Training
-Certified Teen Wisdom Inc. Life Coach
-Master’s in Education, with special focus on Teaching, Learning, and Leadership
-Bachelor’s in Liberal Studies, minor in Child Development
-Credentialed Teacher, with over ten years of experience
-Featured author in Balanced Mom Magazine, Zen Mom, and Kids Helping Kids book series.

Erica has been described as:

-A coach with an uplifting, positive attitude who can make every girl feel special. 
-Someone with a warm and inviting energy that kids really connect to.
-Very calming and sweet, and very knowledgeable.
-A wonderful teacher who understand girls and how to relate to them. 


Erica is Featured In:

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